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Audits – Generally accepted accounting principles: Statutory and Regulatory audits.

Various entities require audits for banking purposes, assurance to Boards of Directors, private investors, or regulators. Audits in accordance with generally accepted audit standards in the United States of America render a conclusion as to whether the financial statements are fair presentation in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles considering the concept of materiality.

Statutory audits render a conclusion as to the fairness of the financial statements in accordance with the statutory accounting guidelines of the related regulatory authority.

Reviews – A review is less in scope than an audit. Our opinion indicates that no independent verification is performed in order to render a review opinion. A review includes the consideration of the accounting principles employed by the Company and the fairness of the presentation.

Compilations – Full disclosure and no disclosure compilations present the financial statements of an entity with or without footnotes and the related disclosures. A compilation is generally a result of our “write-up” or “bookkeeping” services.

Bookkeeping/General Accounting – We provide a variety of bookkeeping or general accounting services. These services are tailored for the specific company. Our services include accounts receivable billing services, accounts payable processing and the preparation and maintenance of the general ledger in order to prepare the financial statements. Monthly/quarterly/annual services are available.


Our tax services include consulting and compliance for Federal, multi-states, and local tax issues. We are knowledgeable in all types of entities such as subchapter-S, LLC, LLP and C corporation tax issues, and estates and trusts. We assist in tax planning including issues relating to operations in multiple states. We are experienced with unrelated business income tax for non-profits.

Our tax services are not limited to income tax. We provide services relating to payroll taxes, property taxes, city licensing tax, etc. Appeal services.  Many governmental entities "over-reach" in their assessment of tax. We are skilled business people able to understand regulations and have appealed many erroneous assessments with satisfactory results for our clientele.